Set up an automated email in MailChimp

The Personal Discount app creates unique discount codes in Shopify and assigns them to the list members in MailChimp. However, if you want to send out the discount codes, you need to set up an automated campaign in MailChimp. A step by step tutorial on creating an automated welcome email is very well documented in MailChimp's knowledge base. This document highlights only theessential elements.

Include discount code merge tag

The most crucial part is to include the discount code merge tag *|DSCNT_CODE|* in the email template:

In the actual email, the merge tag will be replaced with the unique discount code.

Trigger immediately

By default MailChimp sets a trigger delay to 1 day after subscribers join your list. You probably want to sent the welcome email immediately.

Ensure discount code is not blank

As soon as the app gets notification about new subscriber from MailChimp then it creates the discount code. It usually happens within seconds. However, it may happen very rarely that the notification is delayed. Then the app is not able to create the discount code before MailChimp sends the welcome email. To prevent such situation you can add a segmentation condition: "Shopify Discount Code is not blank".

This way MailChimp will wait until Personal Discount creates the code and assigns it to the subscriber profile.

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