Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified when I exceed the free plan limit?

Yes, you will get an email notifying you about exceeded limit.

Will the app stop generating discount codes when I cross the free plan limit and don't upgrade immediately?

No, it's a soft limit. The app will continue to work. You will have 3 days to upgrade.

What's going to happen with Personal Discount when the Mailchimp / Shopify integration stops on May 12th 2019?

No need to worry. Personal Discount will work even when they shut down the official Mailchimp-Shopify integration. Our app will continue to generate discount codes for new subscribers. You don't need any additional apps for this use case. Only if you wanted to use discount codes for abandoned cart emails, then you would need an alternative solution to synchronize abandoned carts from Shopify to Mailchimp. ShopSync is a free app that can sync abandoned carts.

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