How does Personal Discount work?

Personal Discount generates unique discount codes when someone signs up for your email list in MailChimp. The app saves the generated codes in your Shopify store discounts so they can be used at checkout. Discount codes are also being assigned to list members in MailChimp. You can find them in subscriber details as Shopify Discount Code and you can include it in your email templates using a merge tag *|DSCNT_CODE|*. 

  1. Jane fills out your email subscription form.
  2. Jane's data are being saved in MailChimp.
  3. MailChimp notifies Personal Discount about a new subscriber.
  4. Personal Discount generates a unique discount code HELLO-GR8DL and adds it to your Shopify store discounts.
  5. Personal Discount assigns the generated code to Jane's profile in MailChimp under a merge tag *|DSCNT_CODE|*.
  6. MailChimp sends a welcome email to Jane including the unique discount code HELLO-GR8DL.
    To make this happen you need to set up an Automated Campaign in MailChimp.

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